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We provide social media setup and design services to help you setup various social media accounts and their pages for your business. Select the service you prefer from the list below, pay for it and then send us your details...

Reddit Promotion Service

In this service we are going to promote your adult tube site or affiliate program on REDDIT.Before describing about the service please have a look on this stats about Reddit as of today's result: ALEXA RANK - 32 (in US - 10) DAILY UNIQUE VISITOR - 79,000,000 APPROX SUPPORT PORN SUBMISSION - YES AVERAGE DAILY PAGE VIEWS PER USER ON SITE - >11 MAIN ADULT SUBREDDITS TOTAL MEMBERS - 10,000,000 ACTIVE USERS MAIN NSFW SUBREDDITS - 593 So, Now you have the idea how much traffic is there and that's why we come up with a service for adult webmasters and affiliate marketers through this platform : WHAT YOU WILL GET IN THIS SERVICE: 1) We create 1 reddit accounts for you on dedicated proxy. 2)We then choose 1 account per day and submit 10-12 hot trending imgur images on 5 subreddits and 1 link of your tube site or affiliate site. As we have seen reddit is good as long as you share 1% of your link and rest all links from the sites which reditters love like 3) We then upvotes, downvotes and comments your link through other accounts as Reddit needs 50-60 upvotes to rank your link on front page your link will be on top there and get the front page traffic. 4) We repeat this every day with different account and on different subreddits that's it. BENEFITS YOU GET FROM THIS SERVICE : 1) You will get 1 reddit accounts of your own. ( Although there is 0.01% chance of being account banned with our service but if incase any of your account will get banned we will create new account with new IP) 2) As we upvote, downvote and comment from each account your account will get karma points and get authority. 3) As soon as you have good karma points you can start your own subreddit where you can add your own header banner and side banners and you can charge for it from others or you just add your tube site or affiliate offers there. 4) As we continuously post from all your accounts your subreddits will get traffic too from it. 5) Reddit is a High PR with High authority website so your links will get very good link juice from it which is awesome for ranking your site on different keywords. 6) You will get lifetime traffic from this source and you can redirect it anytime to anywhere you want. 7) You can opt-out from this service at anytime and we will just provide you your accounts details as this are your accounts, Of course you need to buy new proxies to maintain this account if you want to maintain it by yourself. TAT : 15-20 DAYS PRICING : $1750 per year FULL SUPPORT PROVIDED TROUGH SKYPE and EMAIL Our Skype: Adam.xtubeage Our Email: ALSO PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WANT ANY CUSTOMIZED SERVICE IN SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT.

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Bulk Adult Video Editing And Submissions Every Month For Your Projects (Adult)

In this service you will get 10,000 uploads every month for your project. If you don't have any videos then we can download videos from tube sites and then add watermark/intro/outro of your project and then upload them on popular tube sites. If you have any queries regarding this service then you can contact us anytime through skype or email. Our skype: Adam.xtubeage Our email:

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Complete Ecommerce Website Creation Service

In this service you will get complete ecommerce website with self updating products from 4 major ecom platforms. We will set up the website for you with your own affiliate links and your visitors will have 90 days cookies set when they visit your store. For more details regarding this service please contact us at: Skype: adam.xtubeage Email:

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